Wednesday 14th September, Chef of the day, Beatrice Rose Loft Schulz

I’m a chef and artist based in New Cross. I’ve cooked at the Hackney Pearl, the Yard Theatre, Frog on the Green, Mudchute Kitchen and the Canonbury. I recently wrote an edible opera in collaboration with Spanish food artists Espada y Monleon. I’m calling my meal for Ridleys ‘Chutney Soca’ because I’m interested in the link between Indian and Carribean cookery and want to use the tropical produce and spices which pepper the market. At the Hackney Pearl I developed my skills as a pastry chef, and at the moment I am experimenting with ways of using the technical procedures of dessert making in savoury dishes. I spent some time in India and I was really excited by the tastes of samosas, street food and South Indian cooking in Mumbai. I haven’t done much Carribean cooking but I remember once my Dominican neighbour, Melvin, was looking after me when I was a little girl and my Mum was roasting a chicken in the oven. He opened the oven and looked at the chicken “Doesn’t this have any spices?” he said, “your mum must have forgotten!”. He quickly ran to his house and came back with a case full of coloured powders, made up a mixture, smothered it all over the chicken and put it back in the oven with a sigh of relief.

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