Ridley’s is a collaboration between The Decorators , and Atelier ChanChan.

The Decorators are an art & design collective based in London. They are one architect, one landscape architect, one psychologist, and one interior designer. They use their tools to create experiences and context-specific projects for art, cultural, and community environments.

Atelier ChanChan is a practice based in London, operating in the realms between art and architecture; it was founded in 2010 by Cambridge scholar and Architectural Association scholarship graduate Zoe Chan. The practice takes a phenomenological approach to its work; aiming to create unique, awe-inspiring installations and experiential architecture within the city.

Carpentry by Sam Trice

Graphic design by Guglielmo Rossi


2 Responses to THE TEAM

  1. Tak Hoshino says:

    Hi Xavier
    I could not find your contact address on the site. Please send me your contact to me.
    Tak Hoshino University of East London

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