11am – 11pm Wednesdays to Saturdays only

Lunch: 1 – 2pm/ Dinner: 7.30 – 11pm


Ridley’s opens for lunch and dinner every Wednesday to Saturday from 07 – 24 September 2011.

Each day a guest chef will create a menu from Ridley Road Market produce only.

Exchange market produce for lunch or pay £15 for dinner.

Lunch is an informal takeaway service so no need to book. Each day there will be one sit down dinner at 7.30pm for 16 people.

To make a dinner reservation please use the form on the reservations page.


5 Responses to RESTAURANT

  1. Sam says:

    Does ‘exchange market produce for lunch’ mean I buy anything I want from the market, bring it to your restaurant, and you’ll turn it into lunch for me?!

    • ridleys says:

      Dear Sam,

      Lunch will be served on an exchange system. Everyday we will have a list of ingredients we need for the evening meal on display which can be bought in the market. £3’s worth of produce will get you your lunch. In this way we will collect the ingredients for dinner. We hope to encourage exploration and use of the market and put into motion a sustainable system of exchange which feeds back into it.

      We hope to see you down there.

  2. Kate Peters says:

    This is such a brilliant idea. I will be down for lunch most definitely! Please see my photographic series Ridley Road Portrait Project on
    Ridley Road is an excellent market and needs all the help it can to survive.
    Sorry for shameless self promotion but thought you might be interested in something ridley related!

  3. Kate Peters says:

    Thank you!
    I’m going to come for lunch tomorrow.
    Or/And do you have any space left for dinner on friday?

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